Craig Stutzmann officially named WR coach at Portland State

OR = The Oregonian
PSU = Official Portland State website

About how Craig Stutzmann was a perfect fit for Portland State’s needs, Jerry Glanville said:
“Craig gives us a great sense of comfort. We got ‘the guy’ that we don’t have to coach for him to coach here. He can actually coach me on some items. He’s been with June (Jones), he’s played in the system. He has coached at Hawai’i. We could not have had a better guy come in on this short notice. I went from ‘oh my, God’ to ‘it can’t be any better.'” (PSU)

PSU Note: “Following one season in the Canadian Football League (2002), Stutzmann became a teacher and football offensive coordinator at Kalaheo (HI) High
School in 2003. He moved to St. Louis (HI) High School in 2004 where he was the head junior varsity coach for four seasons. St. Louis won Hawai’i junior varsity state championships in 2006 and 2007. Stutzmann joined the Hawai’i football program as a graduate assistant in January 2008. He coached wide receivers and worked with kickoff and punt returners.”

Happy that Stutzmann knows the offense, Glanville said:
“Craig knows my offense as well as I know it. He knew what I’m going to do here before he walked in the door, so that will be a plus. We talk the same language, the exact same words to describe the offense. He was the one guy among the finalist I can talk to, because when I say ‘Georgia,’ he knows exactly what I’m talking about. He understands what we want to do and he knows how to teach it.” (OR)

OR Note: “Stutzmann first showed interest in a job with the Vikings in June, shortly after Mouse Davis stepped down as offensive coordinator. But when Glanville promoted two of his current assistant, Jim Craft and Strasser, to the position of co-offensive coordinators, and then hired Smith, a graduate assistant at North Carolina, to help coach the offensive line, Stutzman was ready to spend another season as a GA at Hawaii. Then Strasser surprised everybody on the staff last week when he accepted an offer to become a senior offensive consultant with the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos, leaving PSU less than two weeks before the opening of preseason camp. Suddenly, Stutzmann was back on the phone with the Vikings.”

About taking the job at Portland State, Stutzmann said:
“It’s a great opportunity. There are so many things that pointed me in this direction. It started off with working in the run and shoot, the connections between the University of Hawaii’s staff and Portland State’s staff … along with the opportunity to get a full-time job and what that means for my family.” (OR)

“I love the fact that I get to work with Coach Glanville. When I was a kid, I remember watching him in Atlanta and doing all the things that he did down there, so I’m very familiar with what he’s all about. The biggest thing is just coming in and getting to know the kids a little bit more. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind process, trying to get things down a week before camp starts up here.” (OR)


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