Colt Brennan wants to play his entire career with Washington

WP = Washington Post

About how his injury problems are behind him, Colt said:
“Over the [past] year I started to feel like I was old, you know; I had these little aches and pains all the time. And now that’s all kind of faded away, now I’m starting to feel young and fruitful again.” (WP)

About how Washington changed the name of a play from Corner Omaha to Colt, saying that is in honor of the C-O beginning instead of in honor of Colt Brennan, Chris Cooley said:
“Z got in a meeting and said that it wasn’t [because of Brennan], he just used to do that in his previous life. Colt was very excited, though.” (WP)

About how he wants to play his entire career in DC, Colt said:
“I don’t want to leave, man, this place is awesome. I love it here, and I want to be here as long as a I can, hopefully for my whole career. I just really appreciate the fans being open, and being so fun and cool about everything, and taking a third -string quarterback and giving him some notoriety.” (WP)


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