Miami’s head coach expects Bess to have a larger role this season

Asked if he expects Bess to play a bigger role this season, Tony Sparano said:
“Yes, I think he is much stronger. I think he had a great offseason. I’ll tell you one thing, to Davone Bess’ credit, many a days where nobody was around here during the course of the summer, and it was awful hot out, I seen him out here with the JUGS on and the equipment guy pumping balls to him, and see him out here catching punts with the equipment guy pumping balls to him in the JUGS, and there was nobody else around. So, this guy did a lot of work this summer to get himself prepared, I just hope it continues to show. You know he was clearly one of the surprises in training camp last year. I hope he continues to grow, but there are more steps that he needs to take. I think he knows that, and he would tell you that, and I’m saying the same thing.” (Palm Beach Post)


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