Bill Belichick said that Jake Ingram is further along than most rookies because of the position he plays

Asked to talk about the importance of getting Ingram in rhythm with Chris Hanson and Stephen Gostkowski, Bill Belichick said:
“Jake’s [Ingram] an experienced snapper. He’s done it in college, but it’s still basically the same skill. It’s just working against better competition and trying to refine it, make it even sharper, more accurate, faster and all those things. We’re going through our protection things. Adjustments, we did that yesterday [and] we’ll go back and hit that again tomorrow. Different rush looks with twists and things like that and the long and short snap accuracy as well as the coverage stuff. I think Jake’s … He’s working at it. Like every rookie, he’s got a long way to go, but his skills are a little more specific. He’s probably further along in terms of reaching the top level at his skill than most of the other rookie players are because they have a lot more skills to master. But I think the competition between Jake and Nate [Hodel] is good. I think they’ve both done a good job. [Those are] two guys that are competing well against each other.”


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