Q&A with Destin Stewart

OK = The Oklahoman

Asked how his summer has been going, Destin Stewart said:
“It’s been going good. I’ve taken two classes at OCCC and kept working out. When I’ve had a chance, I’ve done some work with my dad and my uncle to try to make a little extra money before I head off to school on Aug. 4. I worked with my dad working on yards some and with my uncle working on cars. I just don’t have enough time for a regular job.” (OK)

Asked what classes he took this summer and what he’s majoring in at UH, Stewart said:
“English writing and English reading. I just wanted to get a little head start before I went out there and get some credits out of the way early. I’m planning on majoring in sports medicine. It’s just something I think I’d enjoy. I don’t want to get stuck doing a job that I don’t like for the rest of my life.” (OK)

Asked if he thinks that he’ll get a chance to play right away at UH, Stewart said:
“I think I’m ready for the football part of it and I’d like to. At the same time, I think it might be better to redshirt just to get adjusted to college and take things slow like that. But I think I’m ready to play.” (OK)

Asked what he’s most looking forward to about going off to college: football or being in Hawaii, Stewart said:
“Definitely football. I just want to go there to learn new things and keep getting better. But I’m not going to lie, being in Hawaii will be nice, too.” (OK)



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