Warrior Players are Supporting Coach McMackin

Supporting Mac, John Estes said:
“We wanted to support Coach Mac. He’s a great person on and off the field. You can see how he cares and that came out in the press conference.” (HA)

Feeling that the punishment was fair to Mac, Raphael Ieru said:
“It was hard to watch him break down. I think the punishment was fair. We’ve got to support our coach. We’re here for him no matter what. I know it was tough for him.” (HA)

About the emotions before and during the press conference, Ray Hisatake said:
“I was just as emotional as Coach Mac. We all say stupid things and I think Coach Mac really regrets it. Before we went in (into the press conference), we all met with Coach Mac and he was balling. We all feel his pain. I’ve never seen coach so vulnerable.” (HA)

About how he went to the Press Conference to show his support for Mac, Aaron Kia said:
“It was very emotional for him, and for us. (Came) to show support for Coach. To let him know we’re here for him in times of trouble. Things happen in life that don’t go your way. People in need of help need to know people are here for them. It was hard to see your leader taking heat.” (HA)

Feeling that the punishment was fair, Billy Ray Stutzmann said:
“I think it was fair. Everyone makes mistakes and you’ve got to pay for your mistakes. I feel for him. We all forgive him. We, as a team, forgive him. I’m glad he came out and apologized.” (HA)



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