Quotes from the KHON feature on the controversy

KHON Note: “At a million dollars a year, Mcmackin is the state’s top paid employee. According to the coach’s contract, termination for cause could be based on anything that disregards the character of the university or causes notorious and public scandal. He would have to pay back about a half million dollars if let go. Mcmackin arrives back in Hawaii Thursday night.”

About the controversy, UH President David McClain said:
“I’m angered and disappointed by the statement attributed to coach Mcmackin this morning, it certainly does not represent the values of the University of Hawaii.” (KHON)

About the controversy, RachelMckenna (UH Manoa XYZ Gay Straight Alliance) said:
“Whether he intended to promote personal homophobia or now, his actions had the same result, because his actions sent that same message and I don’t think that’s acceptable in any way.” (KHON)

About the controversy, UH student Sabine Lowrey said:
“You know, if you can’t stand by your school’s coach, then you’re not gonna really want to go out there and support the team because the coach is a reflection of the team.” (KHON)

About the controversy, UH student Shawna Espere said:
“I think a lot of low attendance and maybe a lot of protesting, a lot of boycotts, I do feel so.” (KHON)

KHON Note: “The Board of Regents will be taking up the matter in executive session at its next meeting.”



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