Pisa Tinoisamoa explains why he wanted a one-year contract with Chicago

CST = Chicago Sun-Times

CST Note: “Speaking of linebackers, the expected starter on the strong side is Pisa Tinoisamoa. He’s already up to speed in the defense and said it’s virtually the same as what he was used to as a rookie in St. Louis in 2003.”

About how he’s comfortable wiht the Bears’ defense even though today was just the first day of training camp, Pisa talked about how similar the system is to the system he was in as a rookie:
“It’s the exact same thing.” (CST)

CST Note: “Tinoisamoa signed a one-year contract worth $1.5 million ($1 million base, $500,000 signing bonus). He was released by the St. Louis Rams in late May and acknowledged the thought process was that a one-year deal allowed him to enter the free market at a more opportune time.”

About why he wanted a contract for just one year instead of a longer deal, Pisa said:
“We tossed around the idea of a two-year deal, at least, and we talked about what happened because I got released at that time. There were different options. Weighing it out and looking at free agency and the potential that we have there, and looking at the teams we had interested, it only made sense to sign the one-year [contract]. Hopefully, things work out [longterm]. But if not, you’re with a good defense, an established defense and one I am familiar with, and I’m with a team that likes me. Why not?” (CST)



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