Notre Dame’s Charlie Weis accepted McMackin’s apology

Accepting Mac’s apology, Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis said:
“Our media day is not until next Friday so I believe it is in the best
interests of the Notre Dame football program to address this issue promptly
then put it to rest.

Yesterday, Coach McMackin demonstrated poor judgment when, while making comments critical of our football program, he used a derogatory word. Speaking only for our football program, we were offended by the remarks.

This afternoon I received a phone call from Coach McMackin and he
apologized to me and asked I pass that along to my players and coaches. We accept his apology and we will move on.

As a parent of a daughter with global developmental delays, I am especially sensitive to offensive characterizations like the one at issue here. But in no way do I believe Coach McMackin¹s comments were intended to be offensive. In our phone conversation today, I expressed those sentiments.

It is now time to put this incident behind us and return focus to the 2009
season.” (HsB)


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