The WAC will not discipline Mac for now

HJ = Herald Journal

Mac returned to talk to the media after his press conference was over and said:
“I want to officially, officially apologize. Please don’t write that statement I said as far as Notre Dame. The reason is, I don’t care about Notre Dame, but I don’t want every homosexual ticked off at me. You know what I mean? I don’t have any problems with homosexuals, but I apologize for saying that and I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t run that particular word. If you said dance, that’s OK. But don’t use the bad term that I chose, please. Thank you.” (HJ)

About 90 minutes after he made his comments, Mac issued this formal apology:
“I would sincerely like to apologize for the inappropriate verbiage and the words that I used. … I have nothing against the University of Notre Dame. … I don’t talk like that and I’m really ticked off at myself for saying that. I don’t have any prejudices and it really makes me mad that I even said that and I’m disappointed in myself.

… What I was trying to do was be funny and it wasn’t funny, and it’s not funny. Even more, it isn’t funny to me. I was trying to make a joke and it was a bad choice of words and I really, really, really feel bad about it and I wanted to apologize.

I’m going to apologize to my team, I’m going to apologize to the people in Hawaii … All I can do is apologize and I feel bad that I used those words and it was really stupid. I just feel really bad about it and I apologize.” (HJ)

About how the WAC will not discipline Mac now and will leave things up to UH, WAC Commissioner Karl Benson said:
“This primarily will be a University of Hawaii issue. There is a sportsmanship piece in our code that may apply and at the appropriate time, we will address it.” (HJ)


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