Statements by Chancellor Hinshaw and Jim Donovan on the controversy

Statement by UH Manoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw:
“Coach Greg McMackin’s use of a derogatory term during his remarks at today’s WAC event is highly regrettable, offensive and surprising to those of us who know him.

I know that Coach McMackin deeply regrets his comments because they do not represent his personal beliefs nor those of the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, which supports an inclusive campus environment for all students.

Hurtful language like this has no place in our community, and particularly not among leaders of our UH Mānoa campus. Athletic Director Jim Donovan and I will be discussing with Coach McMackin further steps that will be taken to reaffirm his and our commitment to fair and equal treatment of all.

We have a strong relationship with our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community, including Student Services Coordinator Camaron Miyamoto, so we are already working with them as to the best approach to address this issue.” (Idaho Statesman)

Statement by Athletics Director Jim Donovan:
“We’re very disappointed regarding the comments Coach Greg McMackin made at the WAC Media Preview earlier today in Salt Lake City. Obviously we don’t condone his remarks, particularly since we take such great pride in the diversity of our state and university. I’ve conveyed my disappointment to him and he has expressed deep regret for showing such poor judgment. Aside from today’s inexcusable statement, Coach McMackin has been a steadfast ambassador for the University and the state of Hawai`i. He has shared with me his anguish and remorse regarding what he said. Further, I have called Notre Dame Athletics Director Jack Swarbrick and apologized on behalf of our athletic department and university. I plan to meet with Coach McMackin tomorrow.” (Idaho Statesman)


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