More quotes from the WAC Football Preview

Understanding why UH was picked 5th in the WAC, Mac said:
“Right now we’re an unknown team. We have some unknown players and inexperienced guys. I can understand what they’re thinking, but no one knows this team like our coaches know this team. Every team has a personality and this team has a good work ethic. That’s why you play the games, to see how it plays out.” (HSB)

About their defense replacing nine starters, Brashton Satele said:
“There aren’t any household names. No one knows us so we have to go out every week and show people who we are.” (HSB)

With DE Carl Ihenacho leading the way, Dick Tomey said that SJSU is:
“on a trajectory that’s unmistakably positive.” (HSB)

About UH this season, John Estes said:
“We know what we’ve got and what kind of team we can be if we’ll stick together and work hard as a team.” (HSB)

About how BSU ignores how everyone picks them to win the WAC, BSU senior CB Kyle Wilson said:
“You definitely have to keep your blinders on and never fall into the hype. I really don’t think we get too much respect nationally and outside of the conference. That’s why we’re going to continue to play with this chip on our shoulder, continue to play hungry.” (HSB)

About how he’s worked all summer on improving his accuracy throwing the ball, Colin Kaepernick said:
“The more I’ve been throwing the more consistent I’ve gotten with throwing all the different routes, throwing touch passes, deep balls. I want to be able to put the ball wherever I want it.” (HSB)

About how their 5-1 finish to the season and bowl win has raised expectations for their season, La Tech QB Ross Jenkins (6-2 as a starter last season) said:
“The expectations are high as they’ve ever been and we embrace that.” (HSB)

About how his team got into bowling this summer, Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick said:
“This summer, we got into bowling. We bowled here and there.” (HA)

HA Note: “Kaepernick said his usual score was between 170 and 180.”


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