Warrior Beat Q&A with Cayman Shutter

About being born in Saskatchewan, Cayman Shutter said:
“It’s like in the middle of the prairies. It’s completely flat. No mountains, or anything. My whole family has lived there for, like, forever. I lived there until I was 10, and then moved over here. It’s definitely different weather. You get the extremes. You definitely get winter. It gets, like, negative 40. It’s a virtual opposite of Hawai‘i. It’s just different. You don’t have the mixture of cultures. You don’t have, obviously, the food that comes with it.” (HA)

About the great food he gets when he is in Saskatchewan, Shutter said:
“Grandma’s mashed potatoes and gravy. That’s the best. She’s a skilled cook. Her home-made apple pie, that’s what I was looking forward to the most. She makes the pie crust and everything. It’s so good. She makes a roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables, the whole deal.” (HA)

About going from Punahou to UH, Shutter said:
“The first week, when I was doing classes at Manoa and then coming over here (for workouts), made it really hard, I also was at (Punahou’s) graduation practice. Getting the workouts was hard. I couldn’t come out for 7-on-7s. But I was at an advantage before that because I was out here during (unsupervised) spring workouts. Even from that point, I felt I was part of the team. It made the transition a lot easier.” (HA)

About how he likes weight training, Shutter said:
“I really like getting into the gym and lifting weights. I’m kind of addicted to lifting weights. I’m around 195 right now. I definitely don’t want to be too bulky. I was worried about that. Throwing a football involves a lot of finesse. I was trying to get the balance between pure strength and being able to finesse a football.” (HA)

About all of the QBs they have at UH, Shutter said:
“It doesn’t really feel like competition. We’re all out here trying to improve for the overall betterment of the team. As we all try to improve individually, the team will get better. That’s the whole idea. We’re all friends.” (HA)

About how they team has welcomed him, Shutter said:
“The guys over here really welcomed me. That made it easy. I hang out with (wideout) Jovonte (Taylor) outside of workouts. (Running back) Leon (Wright-Jackson) and I play video games. it’s not just business with them. We’ve created a friendship already. That’s made it a lot easier to do my job as a quarterback.” (HA)



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