Jett Jasper rides the “Red Rocket” to get around

About his red-and-white bicycle which he named the “Red Rocket”, Jett Jasper said:
“It gets me where I need to go.” (HA)

About how he chose to use a bike instead of a moped when he decided against driving his truck to school due to the cost of parking and lack of available stalls for underclassmen, Jett said:
“My dad said: ‘No mopeds, they’re dangerous.’ I agree with him.” (HA)

About his 21-speed bike that he uses to get around campus, Jasper said:
“I keep it in about 12th gear. I take it to class. If I need to go farther, I’ll drive my truck.” (HA)

About pedaling his bike to Ala Moana Shopping Center, Jasper said:
“It was scary. Kauai traffic is nothing like Oahu traffic.” (HA)

About his bike, Jasper said:
“I like it. It gets me around. It fits me. Red was my high school color. I like it like that.” (HA)


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