Feature article on grayshirt walk-on 6’3″ WR Bennett Nicola

GSPI = Glenwood Springs Post Independent

GSPI Note: “Acrobatic catches were the norm for the spindly Glenwood Springs High School graduate, a major cog in the Demons’ march to a state football title in 2008.”

About how Nicola makes plays, former Glenwood QB Dakota Stoneouse said:
“He’s just a good athlete. He has all the tools and everything that you need to have. If I threw it high or I threw it low, he’d go get the ball. He had the ability to make the plays.” (GSPI)

About trying out for the Warriors and making it as a walk-on, Nicola said:
“I originally went over there just for a high school camp,” Nicola said. “When I got over there, they said don’t even worry about the high school camp. I did seven-on-seven with the college guys — quarterbacks and receivers — for three days. I went into the coach’s office and talked to him and he said I made it.” (GSPI)

GSPI Note: “Nicola will grayshirt his freshman year, meaning he can’t participate with the team in an official capacity during the fall season. He’ll still be able to work out and bulk up his 6-foot-3 frame, though.”

Happy about grayshirting, Nicola said:
“When I tried out, the roster was full. They couldn’t allow me to play right now. I’m on the team and I’ll train with them. … I won’t be able to go out and hit.” (GSPI)

About how he had been worried that his size would hurt him during the tryout process, Nicola said:
“I was really nervous about my size. Once I saw the guys, they weren’t too big. They were really fast. Once I got out there and started playing with them, it felt good catching the ball.” (GSPI)

GSPI Note: “Coaches assured Nicola that, once fully entrenched in Hawaii’s lifting program, the muscle will come.”

About how he recruited UH’s coaches, Nicola said:
“I continually kept calling the past year, keeping in touch, making my name known.” (GSPI)

GSPI Note: “Hawaii’s been Nicola’s target for some time. The school offers his major of choice — marine biology — and a highly competitive football program.”

About how he visited UH and talked with Ron Lee (then-WR coach, now Offensive Coordinator) two years ago, Nicola said:
“I visited two summers ago to see if I liked it. I talked to the receivers coach then and he said I had a good chance. Once that happened, I made my decision.” (GSPI)



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