Warrior Beat Q&A with Zach Masch

About how he loves the Ricky movies, Masch said:
“You’ve got to love Rocky Balboa. When he fights the Russian (in ‘Rocky IV’), that has to be one of my favorite movies of all time, which has given me so much inspiration.” (HA)

About not being able to enroll at UH in January because they did not have an available scholarship, Masch said:
“I stayed home and worked out at my local high school. I tried to get ready and get into the best shape I could.” (HA)

About his daily weightlifting, Masch said:
“Basically, I do a lot of super reps. I do three different (weightifting) workouts instead of just bench. I do bench, inclines and pushups. I do 15 benches of 225 (pounds). Then I do the incline machine. l do 10 with my right arm, 10 with my left and 10 together. Then I do 50 pushups. I do three (sets) of them.” (HA)

About how he weighs 280 pounds and is trying to put on weight, Masch said:
“Right now, I’m on my own for the second (summer) session. I eat Pastaroni or pizza every night. In the morning, I eat a lot of corned beef hash because there’s a lot of fat in there. And a lot of rice. I make eggs all of the time. I love eggs. I make it over easy so I get all of the ooze stuff all over the rice. It tastes really good. What I love the most is Portuguese sausage under the rice with the egg yolks on top. That’s my favorite thing.” (HA)

About his love for puka shells, Masch said:
“I’ve been wearing puka shells ever since I was in the sixth grade. They used to call me ‘Puka’ on the baseball team. I wore them at my Nike combine. I’ve always had puka shells. I visited here a long time ago. I bought three. Over time, they break. Even at Arizona, I started the beginning of the year with one, and it ended up getting ripped off. I usually play with it on me.” (HA)

About how his last name lends itself to great nicknames, Masch said:
“My junior year in high school, (my nickname) was Monster Masch. My senior year, it was Smash Masch. It’s been a great last name for nicknames.” (HA)



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