Kenny Patton has been serving as an offseason volunteer at Ching Field

HA Note: “Patton, a former Warriors cornerback, has been helping the current defensive backs with their offseason training, leading drills and providing structure to their voluntary workouts.”

About helping out as a volunteer, Kenny Patton said:
“Any way I can help out, I’m happy trying to give back to these guys. I’m happy these guys are coming out and working hard and are hungry for it. It makes it a pleasure.” (HA)

About putting together a program combining drills he learned from UH and from his NFL experiences with the NY Jets and Oakland Raiders, Patton said about his NFL experience:
“It was a brief stint, however I did learn a lot. I just tried to soak up as much as I can and break things down, add to it and be creative and just motivate these guys.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Patton is now a special education teacher at Radford High School and got involved with the Warriors this summer when senior safety Spencer Smith gave him a call asking him to help with the training sessions. He initially started with two players, but the group had grown to close to a dozen for Tuesday afternoon’s workout.”

Trying to help the DBs with their footwork and quickness drills to give them an edge, Patton said:
“Football’s a game of inches. If your foot is pointed out just a little too much, that’s going to mess with their acceleration and that’s the difference between a pass-break and a completion. Every little thing helps.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Among the returnees who turned out on Tuesday included cornerback Jeramy Bryant and safeties Kenny Estes and Mana Silva. They were joined by newcomers such as junior college transfer Aaron Brown and freshman Mike Wadsworth.”

About having their DBs work out together in the offseason, Mana Silva said:
“We’re all young and we have to grow together, so it’s going to help us with our chemistry on the field.” (HSB)


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