Fred Smoot gave Colt the idea to donate uniforms to the Ko’olaulea Red Raiders

HSB Note: “The Ko’olaulea Red Raiders Pop Warner football players will all have brand new uniforms this season, thanks to a hanai son of the North Shore. Colt Brennan made a donation to sponsor the Red Raiders, and through an NFL program, the Washington Redskins’ quarterback’s donation is matched by the league.”

About how Fred Smoot gave him the idea to donate uniforms to a Pop Warner team, Colt said:
“One of my teammates, Fred Smoot, was talking one day about how he had a team in Mississippi. So that gave me the idea to do it here.” (HSB)

About how Gerald Welch got him in touch with Pop Warner teams on the North Shore, Colt said:
“Gerald got us in touch with the people we needed to in the Red Raiders’ Pop Warner and we got the ball rolling. Now it’s all official. All four teams will have new uniforms. When you think of this tiny little community, and what they do with what little they have to produce so many NFL players, that says something special.” (HSB)


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