Concern that having PPV in HD will reduce UH attendance

HA Note: “Even last year some people involved in PPV privately conceded a concern about what an introduction of HD might do in what was seen as a rebuilding season after the Sugar Bowl. “Part of this partnership is trying to (keep) people in the stands, too,” a party to the deal acknowledged.”

About how more than 80,000 of Oceanic’s 420,000 subscribers have HD, JD said about HD:
“It has now become the expectation.” (HA)

About how HD TV hasn’t hurt attendance for pro basketball or football, JD said:
“The NBA and NFL haven’t seen a massive increase in ratings for their broadcasts or (dramatic) drops in their attendance.” (HA)

HA Note: “But UH is neither of those and draws its fans from a smaller population base. In this economy, with local fans searching for options, getting the price right is going to be the bottom line. That much is already digitally clear.”


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