Colt Brennan and the NFL donated the money for uniforms for the Koolauloa Red Raiders

HA Note: “Colt Brennan’s wish was completed when the Koolauloa Red Raiders received money to pay for new uniforms for their four Pop Warner teams (ages 8-15). Brennan and the NFL donated an equal share to the Hau‘ula program.”

Proud that he was able to help the Koolauloa Red Raiders, Colt said:
“They got both checks this week. Of all of the things I’ve done, this is something I’m most proud of and most stoked about.” (HA)

HA Note: “Brennan learned of the NFL’s matching-donation project from a Redskin teammate. He chose Koolauloa because of his friendship with Gerald Welch, a Hau‘ula resident and former UH slot.”

About how Hau’ula has one of the highest per-capita rates of developing NFL players, Colt said:
“That’s awesome for a tiny community. Pop Warner is where I found my love for football. I wanted to help, and it was a place that could use the help.” (HA)

Asked what he wants in return, Colt said:
“Updates. And a picture of the teams.” (HA)


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