Warrior Beat Q&A with Brashton Satele

HA Note: “When spring practice ended a couple of months ago, Brashton Satele weighed 264 pounds, and the UH coaches plotted his move from middle linebacker to defensive end. But Satele then went to train with conditioning coach Chad Ikei in Arizona. After a month of intense workouts and a strict diet, Satele lost more than 20 pounds while improving his speed and strength. Yesterday, he weighed 239.”

Asked how he lost the 25 pounds, Brashton Satele said:
“I went to Arizona, and Chad changed my whole mental thought about working out, eating. I feel great. I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life.” (HA)

About how the workouts and diet were hard on him in the beginning, Brashton said:
“The first day I got up there, I was like: ‘What did I get myself into?’ After a week, it got better.” (HA)

About how it was important for him to get away from Hawaii to change his diet, Brashton said:
“The best thing I did was to get off the island, to get away from Hawai‘i food, the white rice. Chad got me on a good diet. I got rid of the sugars, and cut down on carbs. I substitute brown rice for white rice. I eat chicken, steak, salmon. I bake the chicken. Nothing fried. I started to like it once I saw the changes to my body. I got addicted to it.” (HA)

About how he is stronger and lost 25 pounds, Brashton said:
“The first week, I lost 10 pounds. I started to plateau. Chad started to switch up the phases (of workouts). He gave a new phase, and I dropped another 10. Today, I weigh 239. I lost 25 pounds but I gained strength.” (HA)

About his change in workouts, Brashton said:
“Even when I’m lifting, it’s all super sets. It’s good. A couple of them are seven exercises in one set.” (HA)

About how NFL players were training with Ikei while he was there, Brashton said:
“There were NFL guys there, like Aaron Francisco, Louis Holmes from Tampa Bay, Wendell Bryant from Arizona.” (HA)

About how it was hot in Arizona, Brashton said:
“It was hot. It was like a blow dryer in your face the whole time. Sometimes we ran indoors. But we ran outdoors, too. It averaged 110. Chad would make us run during the hottest time of the day, between noon and 2 o’clock. It was the best investment I ever made.” (HA)



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