Warrior Beat Q&A with Rodney Bradley

Asked what happens on Friday nights in Texas, Rodney Bradley (from the Lake Highlands area of Richardson, TX) said:
“Football is intense down there. It hypes the whole town. Everybody knows everybody. They know all of the players’ stats. That’s how big it is. For me, it was pretty fun. I didn’t get really hyped like everybody else. I didn’t make it too big or too small. I didn’t want to amp it up too much.” (HA)

Asked what he does before a game, Bradley said:
“I’ll listen to a little Gospel, maybe Smokie Norful. In J.C., I would go out on the field with the quarterback and throw a little bit. That’s how I would prepare. Hopefully, I can do the same thing with Greg (Alexander).” (HA)

About how he’s a Cowboys fan, Bradley (listed as the #1 left wideout entering training camp) said:
“You’d probably get kicked out of Dallas if you’re not a Dallas fan.” (HA)

About his favorite Cowboy player, Bradley said:
“Michael Irvin. And I liked Emmitt Smith when I was growing up. But definitely Michael Irvin. And then I became a big T.O. fan My top three (receivers) would be Michael Irvin, Jerry Rice and a tie between Chad Chad Johnson and T.O.” (HA)

About the best thing about Hawaii, Bradley said:
“The beach. It’s really fun. I’ve never been to a beach until I came out here. It’s hard to keep away from it. I haven’t been surfing, but that’s something I want to try. I like the beach in Waikiki, and I’ve been to Sandy’s and Ko Olina.” (HA)

About having sashimi on his recruiting visit, Bradley said:
On my (recruiting) visit, I had some (sashimi). I didn’t like it. I guess it’s an acquired “taste.” (HA)

About how his best meals are made by his grandmothers, Bradley said:
“It’s a tie between my two grandmothers — Viola and Thelma. (Viola’s speciality) is meatloaf. That’s one of the best things. My grandmother Thelma, I like her dressing. It’s like stuffing. She cooks it with, like, ham. I love dressing. She makes it pretty good. I could eat it by itself.” (HA)

Asked about his nickname, Bradley said:
“I’ve been called ‘Springs’ because of my jumping. And over here, ‘Lightning.’ Nothing that really stuck. Maybe ‘Rodney B.'” (HA)



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