Warrior commit Sean Shigematsu went to the All Poly Camp to get noticed

About receiving a scholarship offer from the Warriors, Sean Shigematsu said:
“I was honored because I’ve been a pretty big fan.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Kapaa coach Kelii Morgado said Shigematsu (6-foot-5, 230 pounds) will start at right tackle and play some defensive end in his senior season.”

Morgado said that Utah State had shown interest in Shigematsu before he attended the All Poly Camp, but:
“UH was what he wanted. He went (to the camp) knowing it was a big opportunity and did a great job. The good thing is he doesn’t have to play the (recruiting) game in the fall. He can focus on his academics and football.” (HSB)

Shigematsu said he entered the camp looking to:
“get an eye-opener on what was out there.” (HSB)

About how he went to the All Poly Camp to try to get a chance to play college football, like his father (Delroy) did at UNLV, Shigematsu said:
“That was the main thing, get some exposure and follow in my dad’s footsteps.” (HSB)

About how he could grow even more than his 6’5″ height now, Shigematsu said:
“The doctor said I’m still growing. He’s got a real good base and he has the frame to carry more weight.” (HSB)



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