Warrior Beat Q&A with Chizzy Dimude

About how he recently arrived in Hawaii, Dimude said:
“I came in Sunday. I slept the whole way on the flight. It was fast. I started school the next day.” (HA)

Asked about being at UH, Dimude said:
“It’s cool. I like it so far. I’m adjusting pretty fast. I can’t wait for the regular season to start.” (HA)

Asked about his nickname of Chizzy, Dimude said:
“My mom named me that. It’s short for Chizimuzo — ‘God showed me the way’ in Igbo.”
All for one …” (HA)

About his recruiting trip to UH, Dimude said:
“I came out on the (recruiting) visit witih Lametrius (Davis), Aaron (Brown) and Zach (Masch). We didn’t really have a host. It was the week of the Cincinnati game. They were busy with the game. We talked amongst ourselves.” (HA)

About the big lead UH had vs. Cincinnati, Dimude said:
“Man, I thought we had it. Damn. I was disappointed. It was a good game.” (HA)

About how a running game could have helped UH hold onto the lead vs. Cincinnati, Dimude said:
“They couldn’t run the ball consistently toward the end of the game. I hope I can make a diffrence. I’m here to make a difference.” (HA)

About his taste in music, Dimude said:
“I like country music. Mom used to take us to school, and she always played country in the background. I couldn’t tell you the names, but I listened to it for a long time. I got used to it.” (HA)



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