The WAC and MWC signed the BCS agreement, though JD and Karl Benson have concerns

After the WAC signed the BCS agreement, WAC Commissioner Karl Benson said that the WAC will send a letter to explain its:
“concerns about the current structure (of the BCS).” (HA)

About the hearing that Utah Senator Orrin Hatch held on the BCS, Benson said:
“We believe that interest being shown by Sen. Hatch is valid and that we would hope that there will be continued scrutiny about the current BCS structure.” (HA)

About UH signing the BCS agreement, JD said:
“The (Manoa) chancellor voted to sign the agreement but we also believe that the concerns that the WAC has, as a group, should be shared with ESPN and the BCS.” (HA)

HA Note: “Today was listed as the deadline by which conferences were to be on board or risk losing out on BCS participation and payouts. The six automatic qualifier conferences each receive approximately $18 million each year while the five non-qualifiers divide up $9.5 million among 51 members. There is an additional $9.5 million if one of their members qualifies for inclusion.

UH received approximately $4,385,555 from its appearance in the Jan. 1, 2008 Sugar Bowl and $400,000 from Boise State’s Jan. 1, 2007 showing in the Fiesta Bowl.

The new contract would give the five non-automatic qualifying conferences $14 million to divide up plus an addition $14 million provided one of their members is selected for a BCS game.”


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