Ryan Grice-Mullen spent his weekend beating himself up over his dropped pass

TP = The Province

TP Note: “It was the type of play that had the stakes been higher could have been movie material set to slow motion, and at worst became representative of everything that went wrong for the Lions in the season opener. Grice-Mullen spent most of the contest in a cat-and-mouse game with various Riders defensive backs and when he needed to go deep, he took off. Buck Pierce’s throw found Grice-Mullen alone behind coverage, but he adjusted to the ball a split-second too late.”

About how he was upset at himself all weekend for dropping that pass, RGM said:
“Of course I’m still mad about not making that play, because it’s one I make over and over. But that’s what Saturdays are for. I have Saturday to stay home, yell, slam things around. But as soon as Monday practice comes around, it’s totally out of my system.” (TP)

Not making any excuses, RGM said:
“Clearly there’s no excuses, especially in the last seconds of the game. [The ball] kept drifting and I didn’t adjust until the last second.” (TP)

TP Note: “The Lions made one move in the offseason to install Grice-Mullen as their primary wideout, a switch that will effectively be completed once the club formally disposes of last year’s incumbent, Cory Rodgers (see sidebar at right). Grice-Mullen is making other alterations as well. The opener was effectively his first game at full speed, having missed large chunks of training camp with a hamstring injury. He’s also about to become a punt returner, with Ian Smart still watching practices from the sideline.”

TP Note: “A late-game circus catch and missed grabs when Pierce threw either behind him or into double coverage, which produced two Saskatchewan interceptions, would have made his weekend a lot better.”

Still willing to talk about his drop 4 days after it happened, RGM said:
“I’m a man about it. Guys who don’t trust their skills make excuses. That was a great ball by Buck. I just didn’t finish.” (TP)



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