KGMB feature articles on Colt Brennan

About how the preseason is key for him to get noticed, Colt said:
“I think for me it’s just to have a great preseason do a lot of great things and just keep the buzz going. Keep the people interested and maybe one day someone’s like let’s give this kid a shot.” (KGMB)

Asked how more of an ideal NFL QB he is now than he was right out of college, Colt said:
“I think you grow up, you start to realize the responsibility. I think I’m starting to learn that and becoming a lot more mature.” (KGMB)

About the importance of this season with Jason Campbell in the final year of his contract and the future starter at the position unsettled, Colt said:
“It’s actually the best position you could ask for, it’s one of those things it’s in everyone’s hands; for me, all I can control is what I do but I know I’m going to get a ton of time this preseason. They said they were going to play me and let me get out there and see what I can do.” (KGMB)

About #2 QB Todd Collins, Colt said:
“It’s funny but all the Brett Favre talk, I got my own Brett Favre that I compete with, he’s an older guy with 15 years in the league. But in no time does he want to stop playing.” (KGMB)

About the contrast between Todd Collins and him, Colt said:
“I’ve always been a physical guy, a field guy. He’s more of the X’s and O’s, and I’ve gotten to learn on how you study and how you prepare yourself, and how you watch film and he’s been to so many different teams and so many different coaches, you’ve got a lot to learn from a guy like that.” (KGMB)

About his 5-day workout plan with QB-specific exercises that he will follow during his few weeks in Hawaii, Colt said:
“Basically, the offseason is all about maintaining your strength and your conditioning and throwing the ball. You get enough practice during 2 a days, you want to show up in shape and ready to go.” (KGMB)

KGMB Note: “Brennan says coaches want him quick and agile and while he’s noticeably heavier than before, the team says he’s just about six pounds away from his ideal weight of 212.”

About how he is close to his ideal playing weight, Colt said:
“Hip healed and I slimmed down, had the knee surgery and slimmed down, knee healed and I’m feeling great. Weight is definitely not the problem.” (KGMB)

About how his hip could be even better than it was before surgery, Colt said:
“In fact, the way the hip surgery goes, (the doctor) that did Alex Rodriguez and Kurt Warne, the way he did it, by the time he’s done and you heal, your hip comes back stronger.” (KGMB)

KGMB Note: “Brennan also wonders if his knee injury could be directly related to his early return from hip surgery.”

About his health, Colt said:
“I just remember at practice and training camp just standing on my left foot all the time, and one day I turned around and I had a slight tear. I feel great, I worked out all offseason, did all the workouts, did all the tests. I think basically it’s just time, by the time training camp rolls around I probably feel the same way and forget about it.” (KGMB)


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