Chase Daniel feels that he can win the #3 QB spot at Washington (meaning Colt will be #2 QB)

KCS = Kansas City Star

Feeling that he can beat out Todd Collins for the #3 QB spot, Chase Daniel talked about Jim Zorn’s belief in him:
“He must see something in me that all the other NFL teams didn’t. I’m given a fair shot at winning the No. 3 slot. It’s a long process. We probably won’t know until the last preseason game because they want four quarterbacks most of camp.” (KCS)

KCS Note: “And for those who doubt that Daniel can catch on with Washington, perhaps as the No. 3 quarterback behind projected starter Jason Campbell and projected No. 2 QB Colt Brennan?”

About how Colt sent him a text message (“Hey man! Come on up here.”) right after he signed with Washington, Daniel said:
“It was good knowing someone, especially in the quarterback room, that you can trust and that can help you.” (KCS)

About how Daniel wasn’t drafted and Colt was a late draft pick, Colt said to Daniel:
“We barely made it here, huh? You’d think for two guys that had that kind of success …” (KCS)


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