Jason Rivers is Centurians #23

About Jason Rivers’ attacking style of play, Colt said:
“Jason is the most aggressive receiver I’ve ever been around.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “No. He wasn’t as pretty as the rest of them. There was nothing graceful about him. Nothing glamorous. Even his number — no single digit for him. No, he did something most “star” receivers don’t — he wore a number in the 80s. It was workmanlike, and humble, and it just seemed to fit.”

HSB Note: “He played receiver in a different way. Violently. Ferociously. Hungrily. Angrily.”

About how Rivers was best in big games, JJ said:
“When the stage gets big, he gets big.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Who caught the pass that put Tim Chang over the NCAA all-time passing-yards record? Rivers did (and it was for a touchdown, of course). Who put the exclamation point on one of the greatest games Colt Brennan ever played, that delirious comeback win in the Hawaii Bowl over Arizona State? Rivers, running away, pulling away from everyone, running into the night. Brennan, celebrating with the linemen, running after him, his finger in the air.”

After Rivers had 308 yards receiving against his team in the Hawaii Bowl, Arizona State coach Dirk Koetter said:
“No one was talking about him.” (HSB)

About how nothing the D did would make him stop playing, Rivers said:
“They’d have to break my arm, break my leg.” (HSB)



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