Colt Brennan says that his knee is getting better

HA Note: “He will be the special guest on Tuesday’s WarriorBeat Show. Show time is 11 a.m., not the normal noon time start. The show’s hosts are Stephen Tsai and Leila Wai. Brennan, who weighed as little as 185 before NFL scouts at the Senior Bowl, now weighs about 218. He was as heavy as 225. The team wants him to report at around 212 pounds.”

HA Note: “Having two surgeries in a year and being force-fed food, it didn’t really help out,” Brennan said.”

About his injured knee, Colt said that it is:
“getting better every week. By the time camp rolls around, I probably will have forgotten all about it.” (HA)

Colt said that if Jason Campbell does well:
“then basically I’ll be competing for the No. 2 job.” (HA)


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  1. Dean Sabado Says:

    Hi Warrior beat,
    I am an interested fair weather fan. Your articles are a little short of greatness. However, it is my deepest regret that I allow myself to speak on behalf of others in education, you people really suck.

    best regards,

    Dean K. Sabado

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