Article about the 3-day football clinic UH is giving in Kauai

KGI = Kauai Garden Isle

KGI Note: “Miano said even professional players on leave have mandatory events to attend during the off-season, and Kaua‘i student athletes are lucky to have the benefit of being able to attend the three-day football clinic at no charge.”

About how students can still attend the event by going to Vidinha Stadium, Theresa Koki (who is with the county’s anti-drug office that is coordinating the event) said:
“They still need to register on each day so allow some extra time. If they get the forms online and signed by a parent or legal guardian that helps because they can turn it in when they get here. But the form needs to be signed.” (KGI)

KGI Note: “Monday’s opening day of the three-day clinic featured about 75 young players and more than 150 student athletes.”

Happy that more girls are attending the clinic this year, Jamilee Jacinto (UH wahine track team member who is assisting the football coaching staff) said:
“I’m glad we had some girls in the younger group. When I came to this, I was the only girl.” (KGI)

About helping the coaching staff at the clinic, Jett Jasper (Kauai High School graduate) said:
“We’re between camps and this is a time we regenerate, but coach Miano asked if I could help. This is a nice way to give back to the island.” (KGI)

About the football clinic, Waimea High School football coach Keali’i Aguiar said:
“This should be real good. The personnel director, Tony Tuioti, will be talking to the students about the other side of football and what it takes to be a football player at the college level.” (KGI)

KGI Note: “The clinic offers two sessions through Wednesday: the first, from 8 to 9 a.m. for athletes 5 to 12 years old; and the second, from 9:30 to 11 a.m. for athletes 13 years and older.

Assisting Hawai‘i head football coach Greg McMackin and Miano are associate head coach George Lumpkin, defensive coordinator Cal Lee, defensive line coach Dave Aranda, running back coach Brian Smith, offensive line coach Gordy Shaw, wide receiver coach Craig Stuzmann, linebacker coach Mike Smith, strength and conditioning coach Mel DeLaura, and Tuioti.

Miano said former UH quarterback Colt Brennan is scheduled to be at both clinics Wednesday.”


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