Warrior Beat Q&A with Spencer Smith

About where Kealoha Pilares and he will train for 3 weeks in Georgia, Spencer Smith said:
“My old high school has a really good weight room. My speed trainer has a nice gym where I work out. He has a lot of good machines for speed. He has a little track in the back, a little turf thing upstairs. He’s got pretty much everything you need for speed training. We’ll time on the 40 before we leave, probably laser time.” (HA)

About the heat and humidity in Georgia, Smith said:
“People think it’s humid in Hawai‘i, but it’s nothing like it is down South. You stand outside and you sweat. I remember working, selling landscaping rocks, and I would sit in the A.C. and I would be sweating because it’s humid from outside. It’s pretty unbearable sometimes. It helps you feel in shape. I like it after, not during.” (HA)

Asked where the best place is to eat, Smith said:
“My mom’s cooking. She makes spaghetti, sesame chicken, fried rice and Indian curry. She has the recipe from one of our friends from India. It’s a family recipe. She gets the ingredients from an Indian store. It’s legit. It’s the real spices. It’s hot and spicy. Sometimes I’ve had to eat cereal for dinner because I wasn’t able to eat it because it was too hot.” (HA)

Asked what his favorite cereal is, Smith said:
“Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles. Those are my cereals. I eat it with 2 percent milk. That’s my breakfast in the morning.” (HA)

About why Pilares will teach his Mom how to cook rice, Smith said:
“Kealoha’s going to teach my mom how to make sticky rice so he can feel somewhat at home.” (HA)



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