Kaniela Tuipulotu missed playing in front of family and friends

ADS = Arizona Daily Star

About how his parents will get to see him play for UH, Tuipulotu said:
“I missed just being able to look into the stands and see people I know personally, not just people that like me because I’m a football player. I missed playing in front of people that I know, people I appreciate. My parents couldn’t ever come out and see me play, and that (stunk).” (ADS)

ADS Note: “Tuipulotu started 19 games in two seasons at the UA, registering 13 tackles and forcing a fumble. But he was beset by injuries that robbed him of playing time, and never quite found a permanent place in the Wildcats’ ever-shuffling defensive line.”

About how he had a lot of injuries problems in Arizona, Tuipulotu said:
“I was comfortable, but I really never was healthy.” (ADS)

ADS Note: “Tuipulotu batted shoulder problems in 2007 and “turf toe”, a hyperextension of his big toe’s metatarsophalangeal joint, in 2008. He underwent shoulder surgery this spring, and is currently facing a yet—to-be diagnosed elbow problem. Tuipulotu is so hurt that he was planning to redshirt at the UA this fall just to get healthy. Instead he’ll join a Hawaii program that is two years removed from a Bowl Championship Series game.”



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