Warrior Beat Q&A with Malcolm Lane

About celebrating the 4th of July overseas, Malcolm Lane (who attended an American high school in Germany) said:
“It was cool. There were a lot of Americans. Everybody did their thing. We always barbecued and invited a lot of people over. It was no different from here, except the Germans weren’t celebrating. But you had thousands of Americans over there celebrating. But some of the Germans would shoot fireworks. Just because we were in Germany, it didn’t mean we couldn’t have an Independence Day party like everybody back home.” (HA)

Asked about his summer plans, Lane said:
“I’m not going anywhere this summer. I’m going to work hard. Davone (Bess) and Colt (Brennan) will be out here. We’re going to throw the ball around. We’re going to have some fun.” (HA)

About catching Colt’s passes, Lane said:
It’s wonderful. He puts it on the money. The receivers like to go out and play catch with him. He’s so accurate, and he’s a very hard worker. He’ll help you get a lot better. He has a very good touch. If he needs to get a pass out fast, he’ll get it out fast. He puts the touch on it. He throws a great catchable pass. His passes are on point. He can pick out receivers very fast. He throws such a tight spiral. Everybody loves catching passes from Colt.” (HA)

About where he likes to eat, Lane said:
“The best place to eat is on Ward (Avenue). I like the chicken lettuce wraps, and orange shrimp, and ginger chicken broccoli. I love the taste. The broccoli is so fresh. And the shrimp is so good. I love shrimp. I’m a seafood guy.” (HA)

About catching crabs in Florida, Lane said:
“In Florida, there are rivers running along the side of the road. You can throw your cage out there and catch crabs. The best way to prepare them is to steam them for, like, an hour.” (HA)



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