Warrior Beat Q&A with Colt Brennan

Asked who was the best UH football player, Colt chose Jesse Sapolu:
“That’s a good question. I would think it was the guy who played for San Francisco and won all of those Super Bowls — Jesse. He’s the most notable, to me.” (HA)

Asked who was the best player he played with at UH, Colt said:
“It’s kind of biased when you ask who’s the best ever. You can measure it it on a scale of what a player did statistically and career-wise. I never felt more comfortable on a football field in my life than when Nate Ilaoa was standing right next to me. There’s something about Nasti. When he was on the field next to me, I never felt more comfortable or more confident.” (HA)

Asked which was his favorite UH team, Colt said:
“We got so much love for our last year (in 2007) because we went 12-0. But my junior year, that was the best football team I’ve ever been on in my life. Hands down. We sent like six or seven guys to the league on defense. We never realized my junior year how good we were really were. The following year, we realized we were a good football team. Not as good as we were the year before, but we could beat the teams we were playing. That’s how we won the close games.” (HA)

When told that Alabama vacated its victory over UH in 2006, so the Warriors technically went 12-2 and 12-1 in his final two seasons at UH, Colt said:
“Put that in the paper. I like that. I want to frame that.” (HA)

About finding a bargain for his new rental place, Colt said:
“I moved into a place that’s a lot bigger but for a lot less price. I went from an apartment to a townhome. This place is, like, $300 less in rent.” (HA)

Asked why he needed to find a cheap rental place, Colt said:
“I think people get confused. Football is not like basketball or baseball. There’s not a lot of guaranteed money. As far as the minimum (salary) goes, we make a lot less than basketball and baseball players. Everyone thinks you’re making a lot of money, living the big life. But, really, right now, you don’t know when your next paycheck is coming when you’re a guy like me. It’s not a lot compared to a lot of the guys who are in the locker room with you. Basically, they say to treat your first contract like your last contract. You save it and save it. Hopefully, you get to a second contract. If you get a second contract, it’s usually means you’re getting paid.” (HA)



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