Ryan Grice-Mullen’s head coach expects him to have a big season

VS = Vancouver Sun

VS Note: “In particular, he predicts a breakthrough season for a player who spent most of June standing around or riding an exercise bike — wide receiver Ryan Grice-Mullen. The Dreadhead is over his hamstring injury and is ready to ramble after failing to dress for any of last month’s rehearsals.”

Expecting RGM to have a big season, BC Lions head coach wally Buono said:
“The guy, I believe, who’s going to have a big year for us is Grice-Mullen. I haven’t even talked about him. Grice-Mullen can be as explosive a player as there is in this league. You saw that last year in the few games he played. So when you look at a lot of things we’re trying to do — and taking the pressure off Geroy [Simon] is one of them — I do believe we have athletes around him today that can more than do that.” (VS)

VS Note: “Grice-Mullen has only three career and two playoff games under his belt and he doesn’t turn 23 until Sept. 12.”



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