Warrior Beat Q&A with Ryan Henry

About where he goes for a view when he’s back home, Ryan Henry said:
“We like to go to a place near Kobe’s old house. It’s a secret hideout. We call it Top of the World. It’s about a five-minute drive from Palisades High School, my old high school. It’s a view we go to. We hang out there, talk story, and catch up, let everybody know what’s been going on here. It’s a great view. We can see downtown L.A., the ocean, everything. It’s peaceful. It’s very quiet.” (HA)

About where he likes to go to work out, Henry said:
“I like to go to the Sand Dunes. That’s in Manhattan Beach. It’s like a 150-yard steep hill of sand. A lot of the pro and college athletes like to go there and train. Last year, I saw Troy Polamalu train there. It’s a very popular training spot. If you walk up it one time, you’re already sore. I know some people who walk up it 10 times. That’s a crucial workout. I sprint, maybe, halfway. You get a good warmup that way. I walk up it about three times. I’m going to meet up with (teammate) Joe Avery. We’re going to train over there.” (HA)

About where he likes to go out to eat when he’s back home, Henry said:
“It’s in West L.A. It’s a place that makes waffles and chicken. If were to bring any local person back home with me, I’d take them there. I order a No. 9. It’s a waffle and three chicken wings. The waffle is from a secret recipe. It’s a special taste you can’t get anywhere else. I usually get one waffle. It’s filling. It’s a fat waffle. You pour the syrup on it, but you don’t need that much. I’ll go there after the Sand Dunes.” (HA)



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