Maa Tanuvasa wants his son to play for UH

HA Note: “Maa Tanuvasa Jr. is the son of the Circle of Honor member. He also is 11.”

About his son, Maa Sr. said:
“He’s a defensive end. He’s pretty big for his age.” (HA)

About how he wants his son to play for UH, Maa Sr. said:
“Right now, we’re making sure he grows up all right and is a good person. He can go anywhere he wants. But we’d definitely want him to go to here. My wife doesn’t want him to go anywhere else.” (HA)

About how Maa means “rock” in Samoan, Maa Sr. said:
“He’s the Pebble.” (HA)

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  1. molly Lagaifanua Says:

    ma’a tanuvasa’s son is too small and although dad wants him to play football, MJ is not much into it. Ma’a just needs to stop presurring his son and live in the past. Kid is miserable with his dad’s constant persuasion.

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