UH offers 15-year-old Kamalei Correa!

About how her son was destined to be a Warrior, Lani Correa (who has worked for UH’s athletic department for more than two decades) said:
“I was working while I was pregnant with him. He was born to be a Warrior.” (HA)

HA Note: “Kamalei Correa has received a scholarship offer from the Warriors. The offer is postdated to 2013. That’s because Correa, who turned 15 in April, will be entering the ninth grade at Saint Louis School.”

About her son getting an offer from UH before he even began high school, Lani said:
“We’re in awe.” (HA)

HA Note: “Recruits may not verbally accept offers until their junior years, but the Correas have been assured that head coach coach Greg McMackin will honor the offer. Last year, McMackin made national news when he offered a scholarship to Reeve Koehler, then an eight-grader. Correa and Koehler will be Saint Louis classmates this year.”

HA Note: “The Correas have long ties to the Warriors. Kamalei Correa’s eldest brother, La’anui Correa, was a standout defensive end for the Warriors Haku Correa, also a defensive lineman, will be a second-year freshman this season.”

About how her sons have always been around the UH campus, Lani said:
“My sons grew up on campus. They’ve always been around.” (HA)

About how La’anui (who is 6’4″) sometimes would pick on Kamalei when they were younger, Lani laughed and said:
“I told La’anui, ‘You’d better watch out, he’s going to be bigger than you one day.’ ” (HA)

About how Kamalei is now 6’1″ and 232 pounds, Lani said:
“And he’s growing.” (HA)

HA Note: “Kamalei also is a gifted baseball player. One coach told Lani that Kamalei “is a freak of nature” athletically.”

About how she tells her son that success comes from hard work, Lani said:
“This is what happens when you work hard. You need to keep applying yourself, especially in school. He’s learning that hard work pays off.” (HA)

HA Note: “Lani said Kamalei was named after Lee Michael Goeas, who was a family friend and organizer of PAL events. Goeas died in March 1994, a month before Kamalei was born . Kamalei translates to “my beloved.” Leilani named her son Kamalei Lee Michael Correa in memory of Goeas.”



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  1. abe ha,lufgyu9g Says:

    I go to the same school.. i play vars as a sophmore.. i am the same age (kamalei is one year back) and i have what he has and more and dont get the same treatment

  2. i LOAAOAVE UU Says:


  3. HAMMAHDOLO808 Says:

    hello i am one of kamalei’s friends or as you call him the freak of nature i run a 4.8 forty yard dash and i play defensive end. i am one year younger then him and i would like to know if you could give me a scholarship because i work hard on my grades and athletics. and reeve is not even that good hes only big so how did he get one and i didnt when this year is his first year playing. and i am 6 feet one and im one hundred ninty five pounds and im still 14 years old.


    i am better then this guy ok both of these guys above me are nothing
    i would dominate both of them and make them call me DADDY especially
    “abe ha,lufgyu9g”
    I am the same grade as him and 5 times stronger then him
    i can do my flex arm hang trippple the amount this person abe can do
    and also can do twice as many pullups and can bench 350 and powerclean 400 i am THE FREAK NATURE i would also like a scholarship
    OLINE baby REPRESENT i also can run my 40 yard dash 4 5 as a oline man
    i also have a 4.2 GPA RAJAHHH DATTT

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