Warrior Beat interview with Jett Jasper

Asked about being named Jett, Jett said:
“The story has it when I was in my mom’s tummy, I was kicking around, like I was due to take off like a jet on an aircraft carrier. That’s why they named me Jett. I love how the name is Jett, and not many people have it. I feel special.” (HA)

About having two “t”s in his name, Jett said:
“The two Ts are cool, too. I tell everyone the first T is silent. It’s kind of a joke.” (HA)

About his family owning a popular restaurant on Kaua’i called JJ’s Broiler, Jett said:
“Everybody thinks it’s named after me. My grandfather, Jim Jasper, started it. It’s named after him. And it’s not named after June Jones.” (HA)

About helping with his family’s restaurant, Jett said:
“I worked in my restaurant since I could walk, doing dishes, putting away silverware. I helped prep cook. I can make almost everything on the menu. It’s been a great learning experience. I love barbecuing steak. On the grill, I can barbecue anything. I love it. The best thing to do is get the rib-eye and put a lot of salt on it. That’s all you need. Nothing fancy. No fancy sauce. Just rib-eye and salt.” (HA)

About being from Kaua’i, Jett said:
“I was born and raised on Kaua‘i. Not too many haole guys born and raised on Kaua‘i. It was a great experience. It made me stronger being a minority. I have tons of friends back home. i love them all. I felt accepted.” (HA)

Asked what he would do if he had a vote on the Super Ferry, Jett said:
“I approve Super Ferry. It had more benefits than negatives. I did tons of projects on it. I had the perspective of being on the island. It would have helped out so many people. Too bad it’s gone.” (HA)

About how he went from playing soccer to football, Jett said:
“I started playing soccer. I wanted to play football. My friends were playing football. I could hear them on the loudspeaker because the football stadium is right next to the soccer field. One day, I said, ‘I want to play football.’ My dad said OK. I was a tall, skinny kid, but that’s what I wanted to do.” (HA)

Asked why he chose to go to UH, Jett said:
“It’s the best place in the world. It’s as simple as that.” (HA)



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