Warrior Beat Q&A with Dustin Blount

About how the power lunges (the drills were being run by Royce Pollard’s father Anthony Pollard) they did yesterday were hard on his legs, Dustin Blount said:
“My legs are burning.” (HA)

About racing in elementary school, Blount said:
“In (elementary) school, we used to race for little blue slips that you can trade in for prizes. I was always first.” (HA)

About how his last name is pronounced “Blunt”, Blount said:
“That’s what it is.” (HA)

Asked for the story behind his goatee, Blount said:
“When I take off my helmet, the girls can go, “oooh.” (HA)

Asked for the story behind the tattoo of a crown on a football with the words “King of the Field”, Blount said:
“I always wanted a tattoo with a crown. My brother had a tattoo of a basketball with a crown. His tattoo said, ‘King of the Court.’ I said, ‘My thing is the field.’ This is my first one. It was sore. There was pain, but it got better. After I got it, I thought, ‘Why did I get this tattoo first?’ I should have gotten ‘Jesus’ or ‘Lord.’ That will be my next one. Jesus is the king of the field.” (HA)

About how his nicknames “Da Bizzness” and “Agent 6”, Blount said:
“That’s my jersey number. They gave me 28 when I got out here (last summer). I went with it. I wasn’t going to say anything. I was a newcomer, and (quarterback) Tyler Graunke was here longer than me. He deserved it. He was a senior. I didn’t play that year, so I wasn’t really trippin’. When the season ended, I went to coach’s office and asked for No. 6.” (HA)

About being born in Compton, moving to San Bernardino, and then moving back to Compton when he was 18, Blount said:
“It was hard (in Compton). You see people out there bangin’. I stayed in the house most of the time. The first day I got back (to Compton), there was a shooting across the street. The dude didn’t get shot. But someone was 15 yards away and shot at him. He missed, I guess. It was pretty rough.” (HA)

Asked why he is so happy lately, Blount said:
“I’m a Laker fan. I’ve been a Laker fan since I was little. … I once took a picture of Kobe doing a windmill dunk (during warmups). They were playing against the Spurs. I was in the stands. It was right before the game. He couldn’t hear me, but he was looking at me, and I did this (made a windmill motion).” (HA)

Asked how he would change the Lakers’ purple-and-gold color scheme if he could, Blount said:
“I would go with green and black.” (HA)



2 Responses to “Warrior Beat Q&A with Dustin Blount”

  1. jamaal Says:

    Actually stolen his nickname “Da bizness” from a high school friend at Arroyo Valley. Before the season started I told Dustin Blount im going to wear a suit and briefcase to everygame because im the bizzness… he Loved it and I let him run with it because he had a incredible season in football. I was better than him in Basketbal though and we had a vertical jump competition and he beat me by a half inch still doesn’t like to admitt it to this day

  2. Mama Says:

    Dustin is a FINE young man. He LOVES the game and deserves to play! He is sooo fast. You watch him him on the track and then you lose him, he is that fast. On the football field he can run between other players and they don’t even know he’s there. I look forward to watching him on TV and making my neighbors think I am crazy for cheering him on. Dustin and I got to know each other during his Freshman year and we developed a mama and son relationship. I have seen him grow into a very fine young man. I love you Son. Best of luck to you on the field! Luv, Mama Shull

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