Warrior Beat Q&A with Miah Ostrowski

Asked if he prefers basketball or football, Miah said:
“Basketball is my love, but I enjoy football. I thought I was going to play basketball here. If they told me to come out — and I had coach Mack’s approval — I’d come out right away. But I have to focus on football first.” (HA)

Asked if he prefers Kobe or Lebron, Miah said:
“I’d go with Lebron. He might be able to create more for his teammates than Kobe. He can drive, see over defenders. Kobe is a closer, but he has better players around him. He has Lamar Odom, who could be an all-star on another team. Pau Gasol is an all-star. Lebron doesn’t have an all-star center in Cleveland. (HA)

Asked for his favorite Jessica, Miah said:
“Jessica Alba. Because she looks more local.” (HA)

Asked if he should be called Jeremiah or Miah, Miah said:
“Miah. My grandma calls me Jeremiah. Some aunties, too. But Miah is cool.” (HA)

Asked why he went to Punahou, Miah said:
“Remember Tim McAndrews? He had the state record in the shot put. He was my neighbor in Kahalu‘u. He recommended I try out over there. I entered in the sixth grade. A couple of my teachers in elementary didn’t think I’d make it (into Punahou). They were shocked when they heard I was applying there. They told me to prepare if I didn’t get in.” (HA)

Asked about the people he met on the bus to school, Miah said:
“I caught the bus all the way until 10th grade. I sat next to Jasmine Trias. She used to catch the bus with me. That was before ‘American Idol.’ I guess she lived on that side, too. She was older than me. I talked to her. I didn’t know she sang until she was on ‘American Idol.’ I said, ‘I know her.’ And people were like, ‘Uh, OK.’ They didn’t believe me. She’s cool. She let me play ‘Snake’ on her cell phone, the very first ‘Snake.’ That’s how long ago it was.” (HA)

About Michelle Wie, Miah said:
“I went to school with Michelle Wie. I signed her annual. We knew each other. We talked once in a while. It wasn’t like we were best friends.” (HA)



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