Feature article about Colt’s love for Hawaii

WUSA = WUSA9.com

About how he’ll be going to Hawaii once Washington breaks practice in 3 days, Colt said:
“I’m going to bounce out to Hawaii and train out there.” (WUSA)

About spending time in Hawaii when they had time off, Colt said:
“I ended up getting a chance to rent a really nice house for pretty cheap on the North Shore and I was able to just relax and put my feet up.” (WUSA)

About hanging out with Colt in Hawaii, Clinton Portis (who went shark diving with Colt) said:
“I hung out with Colt in Hawaii. He’s the man out there. Everybody was like ‘Who’s this little guy you’re hanging with?’ Colt’s like, ‘Oh this is my buddy.” (WUSA)

WUSA Note: “But the Hawaii love for Colt extends beyond the island and into our area. When Colt first moved here a year ago the Hawaii alumni association was throwing a luau and invited him to come along. Since he didn’t know anyone here, he figured why not go be among the people who love him the most.”

About how it was a big deal for Colt to attend their luau, Karen Uemoto (President of the Hawaii alumni association in DC) said:
“Colt is such a big phenomena in Hawaii that if we got him to one of our events we could have a huge event and we did. He got up there and played the ukulele and sang with us like we do in Hawaii.” (WUSA)

About how he feels whenver he’s in Hawaii, Colt said:
“It almost feels like its family in a weird, weird way. And it’s something they pride themselves in. They say ‘ohana’ and that’s a big thing to them. And that’s exactly how I feel when I go back there.” (WUSA)



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