UH coaches will work even if the have to take furloughs

Asked if UH coaches will be included in the state employee furloughs, UH-Manoa spokesman Gregg Takayama said:
“Short answer: We don’t know yet.” (HA)

About how they will still work even if they are not being paid due to furloughs, Dave Shoji said:
“We aren’t going to not coach. I’ll accept whatever they come up with. I don’t think we should be exempt from any kind of cuts (if the rest of the campus is cut). … I’ll do my part.” (HA)

About how they already work when they aren’t paid, Rich Miano said:
“We work Christmas, we work Thanksgiving Day … we’re gonna work and pound the pavement just like we always do, even if we don’t get paid for it.” (HA)

Asked about the furloughs ordered by Gov. Lingle, JD said:
“At this point I have no idea on the furloughs. It will probably take at least a couple of weeks before I begin to get enough information on how it (all) may impact UH athletics, and potentially the administration, coaches and staff contracts and salary.” (HA)

HA Note: “Meanwhile, coaches and athletic departments at other schools, including Western Athletic Conference member Utah State, have either already undertaken or are bracing for furloughs. The Chronicle of Higher Education reported Arizona State, Clemson, Maryland and Utah State have implemented furlough programs that apply to all employees, including coaches. At Louisiana State, coaches are among those bracing for furloughs. Lingle said she is asking state workers to take three days a month in furloughs for two years to help narrow a $730 million budget deficit. The furloughs, which would start next month and run 72 days in all, are equivalent to a 13.8 pay cut.”



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