Feature on UH’s summer depth chart

About how the top spots at many positions are shared right now, Mac said:
“Things are still wide open except for quarterback and center — unless they don’t come in ready to go, but they’re both working their tails off. The good thing is there’s good competition and that’s what’s going to make us better.” (HSB)

About how Salas will get playing time at multiple spots this season, Mac said:
“Salas can play both outside and inside. He gives us a big target and can make the tough catches when he’s inside.” (HSB)

About moving Brashton Satele to DE to make their team faster, Mac said:
“The most important aspect to a defense is speed. We want to get all of our fast players on the field and our best 11 on the field. Brashton isn’t being moved because he got beat out. At both ends, you need speed.” (HSB)

About the competition for starting spots in their secondary, Mac said:
“The advantage we have is … every day they’re going to be going against one of the best pass offenses in the country.” (HSB)

About the importance of the start of their season, Mac said:
“The first games are going to be crucial, but I believe we have guys that are talented and are going to do well.” (HSB)



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