Feature article on Greg Salas

About how they list Greg Salas as a co-starter at both slotback positions even though he was at wideout before this past spring, Mac said:
“You look at the great receivers, the receivers who are tall and quick, like (Terrell Owens), and they’re tough to defend. I’m not comparing Greg to those guys. But we think he’s one of our best receivers, and we can do a lot of things with him.” (HA)

About how the 6’1″ 200 pound Salas causes matchup problems for nickelbacks and LBs, Mac said:
“People can’t just line up a defender against him and take him out of the game. He gives us a lot of options. He can line up as a slot at either side. We can line him up outside and throw to him there, or we can line him up outside and motion him to the inside. He’s quick, he can run, he has great hands and he’s tough to defend.” (HA)

About redshirting Blount, Henry and Tinoco last season, Mac said:
“The most important thing is they received an extra year of college, plus summer school. Our goal is to graduate our players, and that will help. And it gave them an extra year to learn the offense.” (HA)

About how he plans to rotate “six to eight” players are the four receiver positions, Mac said:
“That will keep them fresh.” (HA)



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