Article about how Pisa Tinoisamoa is fitting in with the Bears

FMT = Fort Mill Times

About how his teammates are struggling to learn how to pronounce his name, Pisa said:
“They try. It takes them a couple of times, but I appreciate them even trying.” (FMT)

About the competition for the starting strongside LB spot, Defensive Coordinator/LB coach Bob Babich said:
“Once again, I want to reiterate that Nick Roach is the starting (strong side linebacker) and there’s a competition. We feel good about those guys. Whoever ends up starting at that position we’re going to feel really good about it.” (FMT)

FMT Note: “Former starter Hunter Hillenmeyer underwent hernia surgery and remains sidelined. He is expected to compete with Tinoisamoa and Roach for the spot.”

FMT Note: “With St. Louis last year, Tinoisamoa played weak side linebacker, a position which is similar in that defensive scheme to the strong side linebacker spot in the Bears defense. In 2003, Tinoisamoa played under Babich, who was his position coach. Bears head coach Lovie Smith was Rams defensive coordinator then. As a result of his knowledge of the Bears’ system, Tinoisamoa called learning it “extremely easy.” ”

About how it was easy to pick up the Bears system because of how he played under Babich and Lovie Smith during his rookie year with the Rams, Pisa said:
“They ingrained in me some great principles. At first, it was kind of hard because I was back with a different system. But coming back, the language is familiar. It’s starting to come back to me, what they used to yell at me when I was a rookie in ’03.” (FMT)

FMT Note: “Tinoisamoa said he could have signed with a few other teams that promised him a starting position, but would have felt awkward because he would have instantly been ahead of players experienced in the system who had been starters.”

About not signing with the teams that promised him a starting position even though they already has an experienced starter on their team, Pisa said:
“I wouldn’t appreciate that (myself). So I didn’t want to go into a situation like that, and the fact that I have to come and earn a job it definitely makes me more hungry because now I know I have to earn my job; it’s not just given to me.” (FMT)

About how the Rams hadn’t had a winning season since Smith left and how the losing influenced his decision to sign with the Bears, Pisa said:
“The opportunity to win again; I miss that so much. I want to get back to that. I feel like I’ve been putting in so much work for so long. I feel like I deserve a good chance to win and a good chance at the championship.” (FMT)


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