Mouse Davis had a hand in UH’s 2007 success

About his reaction when he was offered one of the Warriors’ Sugar Bowl rings in 2007, Mouse Davis (who had left for Portland State before that season) said:
“I guess if I was still coaching there, they wouldn’t have gotten to the Sugar Bowl, would they?” (HA)

HA Note: “In a big picture way, Davis was every bit a contributing architect to the Warriors’ 12-1 Sugar Bowl season — and a lot more. If not for Davis’ fascination with a cult book about the run-and-shoot offense — “Run and Shoot; The Offense of the Future” in 1965 — and the third chance he gave UH refugee June Jones in 1975, the Warriors likely would have never found their way to a 12-0 regular season or the Sugar Bowl. Or, Saint Louis and Kaiser had some of their shining moments under the Lee Brothers.”

HA Note: “That Sugar Bowl ring? It was but a token payment on the considerable debt UH — and Hawai’i — owes him.”


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