Former Rams LB coach praised Pisa Tinoisamoa

CT = Chicago Tribune

About a 2006 game against the Lions that was just 2 games since Pisa dislocated his left elbow at San Francisco, former Rams LB coach Rick Venturi said:
“He wasn’t going to not play, so they fixed him up with this brace. [Once,] the brace actually popped, so he had to come out while they fixed it. [Then] he went running on the field without the brace and made a tackle. That won’t be anything Top 10 in history, but it showed the kind of guy he is.” (CT)

Praising Pisa, Rams LB Chris Draft said:
“Explosive and quick. He gets his eye on you and the next thing you know, he puts it into an extra gear and he’s coming to put a natural tattoo on you.” (CT)

About Pisa going to Chicago, Venturi said:
“At least he’s going to one outside linebacker position to another outside position. That’s different than moving inside. [Outside to inside] is not the easiest transition. He should be able to pick up that defense because he has a history with it.” (CT)

Feeling that Pisa will contribute to the Bears this season, Venturi said:
“He’s a tremendous ‘effort’ guy. He has tremendous work habits. I always looked on him to stay a little bit more under control at times and try to play compact because some of his injuries had to do with extending his arms.” (CT),0,4428931.story


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