KHNL feature on Dylan Linkner

About playing video games to stay involved with football, Dylan Linkner (who just completed his eligibility with UH) said:
“Nowadays it’s pretty close to the video game and the real thing as far as the strategy wise, you know reading the defense and being a quarterback and making the right throws and touches.” (KHNL)

About how the NCAA Football game lets users adjust the stats for the players, Linkner said:
“You can go on and live this fantasy life through the video game or you can kind of make your stats realistic and see how good he might do against these guys in real life.” (KHNL)

About how the video game doesn’t come close to the feeling of actually playing the game, Linkner said:
“Nothing can beat the field, I mean the field is unbelievable, I mean, just being out there in front of all those people, it’s the live feedback, just being there and feeling the crowd, definitely the field is the winner.” (KHNL)

KHNL Note “But in our virtual game, the winner is BYU by a final score of 31-28. Dylan hauls in 8 catches for 106 yards and two touchdowns, while I finish 18 of 32, for 269 yards, two touchdowns and seven costly interceptions.”

About having his UH team lose to BYU, Linkner said:
“J Tang came out feeling confident, he had some good abilities in the game, it’s just the offensive coordinator, which unfortunately is me, made some bad calls and was a little impatient and threw one too many interceptions, 7 interceptions and two touchdowns, it’s not the greatest of stats.” (KHNL)


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